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Pure Gold, Pure Castor Oil.

Recognising iAMA Castor Oil as a natural phenomenon for healthy hair, skin and wellbeing on a cellular level.

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100% Hexane Free No Chemical Extraction
100% Cold Pressed Preserves Purity
100% Organic PURE Castor Oil
100% Recyclable Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
100% Ethically Sourced Labour Friendly Production
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  • Skin Wrinkles on Face

    Nourish Your Skin, Smooth & Prevent Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Enhance Natural Fertility and Boost Your Reproductive Health

  • Detoxify & Rebalance Your Lymphatic System & Liver

  • Say Goodbye To Migraines & Tension Headaches

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  • Red Eye

    Red Eye No More!

    After years of suffering with a painful red eye, I experienced remarkable improvement in 3 months of using iAMA Castor Oil, where drops and eye specialists could not. It also reduced my under-eye bags and dark circles.

  • Menstrual Cycle Tracker

    Rebalanced Menstrual Cycle

    Using iAMA Castor Oil in my belly button and on my womb every night enabled me to rebalance my menstrual cycle. It went from an irregular 60 day cycle to a regular 29-day cycle in a year.

  • Repair Dry and Cracked Skin and Heal Wounds

    I had painful blisters on my big toes from playing squash every day. After 3 days of applying iAMA Castor Oil, my cracked and dry skin has healed, softened my feet and repaired the skin barrier. I haven't had blisters since - a huge win for me!

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The iAMA Journey

When you first use iAMA Castor Oil, the thick, sticky texture might feel unusual. We suggest massaging it in for at least 30 seconds - you'll find it absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling moisturised rather than oily.

After one month of daily use, your body is undergoing healing and transformation at a cellular level. Whilst the changes may not be immediately visible, your skin is becoming more hydrated, and natural oils in your hair are balancing out. The compounds in iAMA Castor Oil work to nourish and rejuvenate you naturally, from the inside out. Remember, using Castor Oil is a marathon, not a sprint.

By the second month of consistent use, you might notice your scalp feels healthier, your hair looks thicker and shinier and your skin has a healthy subtle glow. iAMA Castor Oil's fatty acids are unique- they create pathways that enable other beneficial nutrients to be absorbed into your skin. If you don't see significant changes yet, keep in mind that natural products take time to reset and rebalance you.

After three months, the real magic happens! Your skin, which is your largest organ, works in cycles of 45-90 days, and has now had the nutrients to heal and repair. It's renewing and flourishing! Your skin will be thriving off Castor Oil’s lipophilic qualities, as vital fats and oils are now absorbed. Moisture can now can easily pass through your skin's sebum-rich outer layers. Meaning you are absorbing it’s super powers fast!

With every purchase of iAMA Castor Oil you'll receive a FREE digital guide on how to make the most of every drop of nature's pure gold healing remedy.

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