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We Discovered Gold!

iAMA is more than just a brand - it's a journey. A journey towards holistic health and natural beauty. Our Castor Oil is a natural, organic and time-tested powerhouse that heals and nurtures our bodies from the inside out. Join us and discover how a commitment to iAMA can transform your life, just as it did for us.


How did our castor oil journey begin?

One late Saturday night, two best friends found themselves deep in conversation as they often did. One of us, who had been using castor oil for over a year, couldn't help but express the overwhelming transformations – lighter periods, a more regular cycle, reduction in lymphatic swelling and an eye condition that subsided. It inspired the other to start experimenting with Castor Oil! We both became our own case studies, replacing our store bought beauty products with nature's pure gold - IAMA Castor Oil.


The changes we experienced were incredible. We documented our journeys and felt an overwhelming call to share our journey with other women. Once we deepened our scientific research of Castor Oil and understood it’s unique and rare properties, the idea that a single, natural ingredient could have such a transformative effect on our overall health and wellness resonated deeply with our values.

From this, iAMA, which means heal in Ancient Greek, was born!

We want to encourage others to embrace the purity of Mother Nature’s healing elixir and fill our bodies with pure gold. IAMA Castor Oil is more than just another beauty product – it’s filled with sunlight, gold, and a lot of love!

Steph and Safa x


dandruff on scalp before and after using castor oil

Castor Oil Fixed The Dandruff On My Scalp

Using our Castor Oil as an overnight mask made a significant difference in this dry, greasy and dandruff clogged scalp. iAMA Castor Oil helped increase blood flow and rebalance the pH of the skin. The antibacterial and antifungal properties reduced the dandruff and flakiness. Did you know that applying iAMA Castor Oil once a month can boost your hair growth up to 5 times the usual rate?

Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Castor Oil Rebalanced My Menstrual Cycle

Using iAMA Castor Oil in the belly button and lower abdomen for 11 months adjusted an imbalanced menstrual cycle, from 60 days to 29 days. Other benefits included reduced cramping, shorter periods and less headaches.

Castor Oil Repaired My Healed Cracked, Dry Skin

Cracked, dry skin from playing regular squash was the result of painful blisters on the toe. Using iAMA Castor Oil overnight for 3 nights helped almost completely eliminate the rough, dry texture and softened and repaired the skin barrier. A huge win for a squash player who hasn't had any since!

Red Eye

Resolved Red Eye

After years of suffering with a painful red eye, there was a remarkable improvement in 3 months of using iAMA Castor Oil, where drops and eye specialists could not. It also reduced under-eye bags and dark circles.

i AM A Case Study

Our research programme has been active for over a year, and we're continually seeking new case studies. If you'd like to contribute and document your journey to finding pure gold, please find more information here.

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