• Reduces Inflammation

    iAMA Castor Oil consists of up to 90% ricinoleic, 4% linoleic, 3% oleic, 1% stearic, and less than 1% linolenic fatty acids. These properties help fight swelling and pain caused by inflammation when applied to your skin.

  • Detoxifies Your Body

    iAMA Castor Oil is the only commercially available oil containing hydroxy functionality of a fatty acid present abundantly (90%+). These properties break down and removes toxins, old cells and other waste.

  • Balances Your Skin's pH

    iAMA Castor Oil contains the enzyme lipase, and works work at its optimum level when it works with a pH of 4.7. Our skins pH is 4.5-5.5, giving iAMA the environment it needs to work at its optimal level.

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Benefits of iAMA Castor Oil (Insane, we know!)

Rapid hair growth

iAMA Castor Oil is a great treatment for growing healthier, thicker hair.

When regularly used on your roots, it can increase hair growth, reduce hair damage from products and styling, hydrate hair, make hair shinier and fuller, prevent dry scalp, and improve the overall health of your hair.

When you apply it to the ends of your hair, iAMA Castor Oil can help reduce frizz and repair split ends.

Thickens eyebrows

The antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, fatty acids and nutrients iAMA Castor Oil contains, all work to nurture the hair follicles and fight against bacteria that may be a factor that hinders growth.

Strengthens eyelashes

The vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and antibacterial properties of iAMA Castor Oil can help strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes when applied on a regular basis.

It penetrates deep into the skin when applied to the area, moisturising and refreshing the area to help the eyelashes grow quicker and prevent them from breaking.

Nourishes nails and cuticles

iAMA Castor Oil has a high concentration of vitamin E, which works wonders for brittle, dry nails.

Massaging it into your nails and cuticles every evening will result in soft cuticles and healthy looking nails.

Makeup remover

Unlike the harsh chemicals in over-the-counter and prescription facial cleansers that dry out your skin, using iAMA Castor Oil as a deep cleanser will get rid of pimples fast, deep-clean your skin of dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, and excess oils while keeping your skin soft, supple, and flawless.

Colon health and constipation

Castor Oil is a popular way to relieve constipation. The components in the natural constipation remedy act as a powerful laxative, stimulating both the small and large intestines and purging the colon walls, allowing impacted fecal matter to move through the colon.

The fatty acids in iAMA Castor Oil also work to prevent liquid from being absorbed by the intestinal tract, helping the bowel to retain its moisture, which allows it to pass through the colon easier. (See additional info about Castor oil for constipation)

Arthritis remedy

iAMA Castor Oil's anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent massage oil for arthritic joints, sore muscles, and inflammation of your nerves.

The ricinoleic acid that castor oil contains possess the ability to boost anti-inflammatory properties within the body and is considered a safe remedy for arthritis pain.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are often caused by pregnancy and rapid weight gain, but can also be a result of ageing, hormonal imbalance, sudden weight loss, and swelling.

iAMA Castor Oil's rich contents and various fatty acids make it an excellent moisturiser and effective treatment for getting rid of unsightly stretch marks.

Reduces acne

The common skin condition, acne, is a result of impurities accumulating in your pores, causing the skin to become irritated and inflamed.

Many of the acne remedies on the market today contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which tend to dry out the skin.

iAMA Castor Oil is a natural resource that will draw out dirt, dead skin cells, excess oils, and bacteria without drying out your skin.

Reduces skin irritation

Shaving rash, bug bites, itches and irritations? iAMA Castor Oil has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal and soothe skin irritations.

Treats fungus

A relatively common skin condition, ringworm is caused by a fungus and grows into a ring-shaped, red rash. While it can be a pain to deal with, castor oil is an excellent treatment for ringworm.

The undecylenic acid found in iAMA Castor Oil acts as an antifungal agent that kills the infection.

Minimises appearence of scars

iAMA Castor Oil is great for reducing and preventing the appearance of scars.

The many fatty acids found in the oil help stimulate the lymphatic system in the body, which is essential for preventing scars.

While it can't eliminate scars that you already have, it can reduce their appearance.

Heals cracked skin

iAMA Castor Oil miraculous ability to hydrate the skin makes it a perfect remedy for treating cracked skin, such as your heels or hands.

It is rich in vitamins, and essential nutrients help to hydrate dry, cracked skin. Simply rub iAMA Castor Oil on your feet/hands, put on a pair of socks/gloves, and leave on overnight.

Improves immune function

Using Castor Oil regularly is believed to improve lymphatic drainage, thymus gland health, and blood flow.

The lymphocytes, which is a type of white blood cell found in the body's immune system, attack perceived threats to the body and outside invaders like bacteria and toxins.

Using iAMA Castor Oil helps the body produce the proper levels of lymphocytes, which are stored and released into the lymphatic tissue from the lymph nodes, thymus gland, and tissue from the small intestine.

Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles

iAMA Castor Oil is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles because it penetrates deep into your skin, which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.

These two components in the skin are responsible for its elasticity and tautness. Castor oil's emollient properties allow the skin to quickly absorb it, keeping your face hydrated and plump, which is also important in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Induces labour

Castor oil helps induce labor. When taken orally, castor oil works to stimulate the bowels.

iAMA Castor Oil tends to irritate the uterus, which causes contractions to begin. (See additional information)

Soothes sun burn

With the same cooling sensation as aloe, iAMA Castor Oil is great for alleviating painful sunburns.

The ricinoleic acid will protect any blisters that pop up from becoming infected and reduce the inflammation associated with sunburns.

Removes moles and skin tags

iAMA Castor Oil can be an excellent way to get rid of unsightly moles and skin tags.

You simply have to apply the paste to the affected area and cover it with a bandage.

Doing this daily for four to six weeks will eliminate the moles and skin tags.

Supports lymphatic drainage

Your lymphatic system is responsible for expelling metabolic waste from your body. When you have drainage problems or flow disruptions, iAMA Castor Oil can help to get things moving again.

By using iAMA Castor Oil, the flow of lymph can be increased throughout the body. This helps to speed the removal of toxins surrounding the cells and to reduce the size of swollen lymph nodes as it’s content consists of 90% ricinoleic acid, which can break down and remove toxins, old cells, and other waste.

Relieves migraines

A natural pain reliever, iAMA Castor Oil is great for relieving headaches and migraines.

To help relieve symptoms of migraines and headaches, rub a teaspoon of the oil into your forehead and around your eyes for about a minute. You should start feeling the effects within two to three minutes.

Reduces menstrual cramps

Massaging iAMA Castor Oil over your abdomen and inside your navel (belly button) can be an excellent way to relieve the symptoms of menstrual cramps and period pain.

The ricinoleic acid in iAMA Castor Oil works as an anti-inflammatory and is an analgesic agent which helps relieve pain.

(When one of us used for around 11 months, our cycle balanced from 50 days to 28 days!)

Soothes muscle and joint pain

When rubbed directly onto the skin, the ricinoleic acid in iAMA Castor Oil is able to penetrate deeper, helping to relieve inflammation in the tissues.

To gain relief from sore and painful muscles, rub iAMA on the affected area and cover with a heating pad or hot water bottle. The heat helps deliver the Castor Oil to the inflamed joints and tissue.

Relieves insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia, iAMA Castor Oil can help you fall asleep.

Instead of taking harmful (and sometimes habit-forming) medication to help your insomnia, rub castor oil along your eyelids before going to bed.

Your body absorbs the oil and promotes healthy circulation, helping you to become more relaxed, helping you sleep.

Eliminates corns

Corns on your feet can be painful and irritating. The hydrating abilities of iAMA Castor Oil can help to remove them.

To treat corns, soak your feet in warm water for about fifteen minutes. Dry your feet and apply iAMA to the corn.

After about ten days of treatment, you should be able to peel the corns away easily.

Soothes dry scalp and dandruff

Dandruff is a common scalp condition in which small pieces of dry skin flake off of the scalp.

iAMA Castor Oil is rich in fatty acids that can help moisturise a dry, irritated scalp and it’s antibacterial and anti-fungal properties can reduce dandruff. It can also clean dead skin for regeneration of fresh cells.

Improves thyroid health

Your thyroid is located in your neck, where one third of lymph is located. Putting iAMA Castor Oil over your thyroid can help to reduce toxins and regulate inflammation.

Reduces skin pigmentation

iAMA Castor Oil can be effective for treating infraorbital hyperpigmentation.

It’s omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the pigmentation on the skin and can significantly reduce melanin levels, wrinkles, and skin laxity in the infraorbital region.

Ear health

iAMA Castor Oil has antibacterial properties that can be effective against bacterial infections.

It is safe to put it in the ears as a lubricant that allows excess wax and infection to be removed from the ear.

It can help with tinnitus, ear infections and hearing loss and even throat hoarseness.

Unblocks sinuses

iAMA Castor Oil breaks down and removes toxins, old cells, and other waste. It can increase blood flow, aiding in draining the sinuses and relieving pain.

Lightens dark eye circles

iAMA Castor Oil has antimicrobial and anti- inflammatory properties that make it safe for your eyes and boost tear film lipids.

The antioxidants prevent the skin from getting affected by free radicals which help in shrinking blood vessels and reducing fluid retention, which in turn helps in getting rid of dark circles.

Helps blister healing

Applying iAMA Castor Oil to blisters will create a favourable environment to promote tissue growth, reduce dryness and reduce the risk of infection.

It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties from the fatty acids can also promote the growth of healthy skin tissue.

Bright, glowing skin

iAMA Castor Oil which contains a rare fatty acid, ricinoleic acid, and several other fatty acids, promotes the growth of healthy skin tissue, making it helpful in restoring uneven skin tones.

Eliminates blackheads

iAMA Castor Oil can be used to clear skin of blackheads. It is absorbed deep into the pores and brings up comedones, little hard particles trapped in the skin.

It also has a low comedogenic score, meaning it is unlikely to clog pores in the skin and reduces the risk of developing blackheads.

Supports wound healing

Applying iAMA Castor Oil to wounds will create a favourable environment to promote tissue growth, reduce dryness, prevent sores, and reduce the risk of infection.

iAMA Castor Oil inhibits the accumulation of dead skin cells that delay wound healing.

Reduces strawberry legs

iAMA Castor Oil which contains ricinoleic acid has anti-inflammatory properties.

It can help tiny dark bumps and rough texture on the legs - these pores, which house hair follicles, become filled with dead skin cells, oil and sometimes bacteria. This can cause them to appear raised, darkened and rough, resembling the tiny seeds on a strawberry, hence the name.

Supports breast health

Lymphatic flow is one of the primary activities going on within our breast tissue. When stress and inflammation are put on these areas of the body, lymphatic flow slows resulting in blockages.

Some of the key components affecting lymphatic flow within breast tissue would be tight bras, bras made of plastic or hormone disrupting materials, and environment stressors. iAMA Castor oil can help detoxify and reduce blockages within the lymphatic system, ultimately restoring hormonal equilibrium.

Detoxification and healing

When iAMA Castor Oil is absorbed through your skin, your lymphocyte count can increase, speeding up the removal of toxins from your tissues, which promotes healing.

FAQ (We had a million questions too)

How is iAMA Castor Oil different from other Castor Oil brands?

♥ We are 100% pure with no added fragrances or chemicals.
♥ We are 100% hexane free.
♥ We are 100% cold pressed.
♥ We are 100% organic.
♥ We are 100% vegan.
♥ We are 100% ethically sourced.
♥ We are 100% recyclable.
♥ We are 100% handmade with love.
♥ We are 100% here for you on your castor oil journey.

How do I get transformational results With iAMA Castor Oil?

With your first purchase, you will receive an in depth step-by-step guide on how to use our Castor Oil for the best results possible.

Why do we use the purest organic Castor Oil?

Purity and Safety
Our organic Castor Oil is free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilisers, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful substances. This is especially crucial when applying oil to the skin or ingesting it, as impurities could cause irritation or adverse reactions.

Reduced Allergen Risk
Our organic Castor Oil does not contain allergens or contaminants from agricultural chemicals. This is important for people with sensitive skin or allergies looking for a natural and pure alternative.

Environmental Responsibility
Our organic Castor Oil is produced using sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, minimizing the impact on ecosystems and promoting soil health. Choosing organic supports responsible agriculture.

Higher Quality
Our organic Castor Oil is generally of higher quality because it is
produced with stricter standards and controls. This often results in a more effective product for personal care and health-related applications.

Peace of Mind
Knowing that you're using a pure and organic product provides reassurance that you're not exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals. This is particularly comforting when using our Castor Oil for holistic purposes.

Why is iAMA Castor Oil cold pressed?

iAMA Castor Oil is 100% cold-pressed which means the oil extracted from the seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus communis) without the use of extreme heat and chemical solvents.

The benefits of this are:

Extraction Method
In cold pressing, the seeds are
crushed, and oil is extracted using mechanical pressure. This process is carried out at low temperatures to preserve the natural properties of the oil.

Preserves Nutrients
The absence of heat in cold
pressing helps retain the oil's beneficial nutrients, like ricinoleic acid, fatty acids, and vitamins, which might degrade with heat or chemical extraction methods.

No Contamination Risk
Since chemical solvents are not used, there's no risk of contamination with unwanted chemicals or residues. This makes our cold-pressed Castor Oil a purer and more natural product.

Higher Quality
Our cold-pressed Castor Oil has
a higher quality due to the preservation of its natural compounds and minimal processing. It retains a rich, thick consistency and a slight earthy aroma.

The cold-pressing process is often considered more environmentally friendly because it involves fewer chemical processes and produces less waste compared to other extraction methods.

When using iAMA Castor Oil for the first time, it is recommended to use minimally and build up.

Do a patch test on a small area of your skin before applying larger amounts.

Why is iAMA Castor Oil hexane free?

Our Castor Oil is 100% hexane free and has been extracted without the use of hexane or other harsh solvents.

Health Concerns
Hexane is a volatile organic compound and can be harmful if inhaled or ingested in significant quantities.

Environmental Impact
The extraction process using hexane can have environmental risks, including pollution from the solvent itself and energy use.

Is there any scientific research about the benefits of Castor Oil?

How much Castor Oil should I use?

Unlike commercial products, iAMA Castor Oil contains no toxins or harmful additives and is suitable for the face and body.

For external use on the skin and hair, there is no harm - you can use as much as you like! (More the better in our opinion)

For consumption, it's recommended to not exceed 3-4 tablespoons.

If you're using iAMA Castor Oil for the first time, it is recommended to
use minimally and build up as you get used to the texture and application.

Can I drink iAMA Castor Oil?

Yes, in small amounts!

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, and pain-relieving properties. It can help relieve sporadic constipation.

The ricinoleic acid in the oil is a powerful natural laxative, so it's recommended not to ingest more than 3-4 table spoons per day.

Castor Oil should not be used for long-term health concerns without consulting your healthcare professional.

Are there any side effects of using iAMA Castor Oil?

Unlike commercial products, iAMA Castor Oil contains no harmful additives and is suitable for the face and body.

If digested in large amounts, it may cause nausea, abdominal cramping, vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, it is recommended to speak with your doctor before using iAMA Castor Oil.

When using iAMA Castor Oil for the first time, it is recommended to use minimally and build up gradually over time.

Do a patch test on a small area of your skin before applying larger amounts.

If you're allergic to the castor plant, you could have itching, swelling, or rashes if you apply the oil to your skin. Test a small spot before you use it.

What are the benefits to my mind and body of using iAMA Castor Oil?

The body
Our Castor Oil can benefit the body through its unique chemical composition and biological properties. It contains ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

It's also an incredibly powerful alternative to products that contain toxicchemicals that may be causing us harm.

Using our 100% pure Castor Oil is using 100% pure Gold.

The mind
In some traditions, Castor Oil is used as part of a cleansing or purification ritual, intended to detoxify not only the body but also the mind and spirit. This cleansing can create a sense of mental clarity and renewal, fostering a deeper connection with one's inner self.

Our 100% pure Castor Oil eliminates the guess work of choosing the
endless products that are on the market for our skin and wellbeing.

Is iAMA Castor Oil suitable for vegans?

Yes! Our pure Castor Oil is suitable for vegans.

Castor oil is derived from the seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus communis), and the extraction process does not involve any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

Can I use iAMA Castor Oil if I have a nut allergy?

People with nut allergies can safely use our Castor Oil, as it does not contain nut-derived proteins or oils that trigger allergic reactions.

Our Castor Oil is derived from the seeds of the castor bean plant (Ricinus communis) and is not related to tree nuts or other common allergens associated with nut allergies.

However, it's always good to be cautious when trying a new product, especially if you have a history of allergies or sensitivities.

Can iAMA Castor Oil be used during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should avoid using Castor Oil during pregnancy for internal use or in large quantities.

Taking orally
Our Castor Oil is a strong laxative, which can cause significant contractions in the intestines. These contractions can potentially stimulate uterine contractions, leading to early labor or complications.

Some traditional practices suggest using Castor Oil to induce labor at the end of pregnancy, this should only be done under strict medical supervision, as it can lead to complications such as intense contractions, fetal distress, or other adverse effects.

External use
For skin application our Castor Oil is considered safe. However, pregnant women should still exercise caution and perform a patch test to avoid allergic reactions or skin irritation.

Is iAMA Castor Oil earth friendly & sustainable?

100% cold pressed
The cold-pressing process is incredibly environmentally friendly as it involves fewer chemical processes and produces less waste compared to other extraction

100% recyclable
Our product is 100% recyclable! Meaning the carbon footprint of iAMA will be greatly reduced.

100% pure Gold
Choosing iAMA for most of your skincare, haircare, and wellness needs allows you to buy less from brands that don't share our high standards and values.

How should I store iAMA Castor Oil?

iAMA Castor Oil comes in a glass bottle, unlike other brands that use a plastic one. We recommend that you store the oil in a cool, dark place and keep away from

Why do you store iAMA Castor Oil in a glass bottle?

Plastic bottles contain chemicals, and those chemicals can leach into the Castor Oil. This plastic leachate can have detrimental health effects on consumers. At certain levels of exposure, some of the chemicals in plastic, especially the chemical known as bisphenol A (BPA), have even been implicated as carcinogens.

Our glass bottle preserves the purity of the Castor Oil and is resistant to shape changes, discoloring, stains, taste- and odor transmission.

Will iAMA Castor Oil stain my clothes?

iAMA Castor Oil is a thick oil. Our recommendation (from experience!) is to wear old clothes, or if using at night, to use pyjamas.

A personal tip is wearing silk or satin pyjamas - in the morning it's like there was no oil used at all!

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