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Why I Created iAMA - Castor Oil Changed My Life

Hey I'm Steph, one of the founders of iAMA Castor Oil. Before starting this business, I had been using iAMA Castor Oil consistently for a year and saw some INCREDIBLE changes to a few long-term health challenges. It was so powerful I felt passionate enough to want to not only sell my own, but create a community of natural wellness with my business partner (and incredible healer) Safa. Here are the experiences that changed my life.


Castor Oil regulated my period in just 11 months!

Since a young teen, my cycle was anywhere between 40 days and 3 months. It was never regular, always heavy and extremely painful. 

I saw a Tik Tok of Barbara O'Neil explaining how Castor Oil in the navel (belly button) helps with reproductive health by lessening inflammation, making blood flow to the pelvic area better and easing the pain linked to menstrual cramps. I thought i'd give it a try - it wasn't going to harm me and I had nothing to lose.

Every night I would pour a few drops of iAMA's Castor Oil into my belly button and massage my lower abdomen with it and leave overnight for proper absorption. A few months into it I started to notice my periods becoming a day shorter and not as painful. So I stuck with it and continued.

Fast forward 11 months, I felt as if I got my period straight after my last period ended. I was really confused. I checked my menstrual cycle app and my period came on the 28th day, which had never happened before. It wasn't early - it was on time for the first time in my 25 years of living. I had no idea it was coming either - there were no cramps or pain for warning and only lasted 3ish days compared to the 8 days I used to suffer with. And since then (beginning of 2024) my periods have been a joy and consistent.

For the past 11 months, my body was slowly regulating by stimulating follicular development, improving the immune system and detoxified my organs. This is all because iAMA's Castor Oil has tremendous circulation benefits!

iAMA's Castor Oil and its incredible properties can help us get systems flowing freely and get back in tune with one another allowing our body to begin to heal itself again. 



Castor Oil cured my red eye when nothing else worked!

Since 2020 my right eye has been red. I tried everything to get it back to normal - hospital visits, scans, eyedrops, steroids etc. It was really painful and I couldn't keep my eye open when looking at light, so I resulted in investing in a good pair of sunglasses, and even resorted to wearing them indoors! 

Nothing worked and I was tired of everyone always pointing it out and asking questions. I thought I was stuck with a red eye forever!

After using iAMA Castor Oil for my menstrual cycle for a couple of months, I also read it could help with eye conditions. 

Every night before bed, I would rub a few drops of iAMA Castor Oil around my eyelids and under eyes and leave it on overnight for deeper absorption. (It's also great for eyelash and eyebrow hair growth, so this was great way to kill two birds with one stone). 

After using it for 8 weeks consistently, I started receiving comments from people saying my eye didn't look as red. 14 weeks later, the redness has gone. Although I can get flare ups, like when something is in my eye, it doesn't last very long and it is no longer as sensitive as it was before.

iAMA's Castor Oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it safe for your eyes and boost tear film lipids. It's safe to say it completely changed my eye health which has changed my life. I thought I was stuck with a red eye forever.


Castor oil brightened my skin and protected it from burns

One of my most shocking discoveries that I wasn't expecting/looking for...

One evening I had an everything shower. Hair, exfoliating, shaving, the whole thing. I was under steaming hot water and saw it as a sauna session. I got out of the shower and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified to see my whole body was as red as a lobster! I noticed that my eyes had white rings around them and my lower abdomen also had a halo like glow.

I got up close and noticed that these areas were exempt from the burns, but how?! Because I had been using iAMA's Castor Oil on these areas and they protected my body from the heat due to it's anti inflammatory effects.

iAMA's Castor Oil has omega-3 fatty acids, one of the most important components that help reduce pigmentation and help skin blemishes. Omega-3 fatty acids help grow new healthy tissues, reducing pigmentation and making the skin look bright and clean.


My Honest Conclusion 

Using iAMA Castor Oil has definitely changed my life!

Although my discoveries were experiments, and quite long ones at that, the long-term benefits I've found led me to go completely natural with my skincare and haircare. And I won't ever look back! I'm still currently experimenting with a few other things and can't wait to share soon. If you've heard of iAMA's Castor Oil and are thinking about trying it, this is your sign. 

If you have any questions about my journey or want to share your own using iAMA's Castor Oil, I'd love to hear from you!

Steph. x

P.S To help you get the most out of nature's golden elixir, with every purchase of IAMA Castor Oil, you'll receive our FREE user guide!

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